Students across the country are adjusting to a new way of life. Instead of jumping on the bus every morning to make morning registration, they’re turning on their computers, jamming on their headsets and firing up their digital platform ready for their first online lesson of the day or printing off worksheets uploaded by their teachers.

It has now been many weeks since Boris Johnson instructed the closure of schools across the country. Students and teachers alike have had to get used to new ways of teaching and learning with very little notice to prepare.

At the time of writing it is yet to be revealed when schools will be back to normal. There are talks of staggering the return with June being cited as a possible starting point but others say it may need to be pushed back to September. Whilst things will become clearer in the coming weeks, students are advised to make good use of the extra time they have whilst the UK is in lockdown.

Not only will this stop them from becoming restless but it will distract them from educational worries and it will help them acquire new skills that can enhance their CV and make them more likely to succeed when they look for work in what is likely to be a much tougher economy in the years to come. As a bonus, it might even spark off a new passion.

Here are a few suggestions, and, what’s more, everything listed below is free.

  1. Learn a new language: download the app DuoLingo and pick up languages including French, Swedish and German to name just a few of the choices.
  2. If you want to learn to drive soon, start preparing for your theory test by learning the Highway Code and practise online at
  3. Get exercising: the Couch to 5k app helps you build your fitness levels at a gentle pace.
  4. Take a course with the Open University who have provided a wide selection of courses and content, from Harry Potter to the periodic table, online
  5. Learn to paint or draw with Drawspace:
  6. Immerse yourself in famous masterpieces of the art world or years of history with a virtual tour from museums and galleries across the world such as this one from the National Gallery:
  7. Learn to code with the Code Academy:
  8. Download the Amazon Kindle app and immerse yourself in literary classics:
  9. Learn the ancient art of origami:
  10. Buy some extras at the supermarket and drop them off at your local foodbank:


This article was written by Regent Independent College

Article updated: 12th May 2020

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