How much are fees at CIFE colleges?

Each college sets its own fees. Comparing fees at CIFE colleges, like comparing fees between independent schools more broadly isn’t always straightforward. Most colleges charge a fee that depends upon the number and level of the subjects you take. Some also charge a different fee for international students. And if you need accommodation, that will probably be charged separately, and is likely to vary according to what is provided. Colleges vary in what their standard fees cover: some include all normal costs, while at others ‘extras’ may increase the actual charges significantly.

So, it’s not possible to provide a simple table of fees here. You will have to contact individual colleges to get an accurate idea of costs. However, to help you get started the table below provides a link to each college’s fee page, and an email link to make it easy to send an enquiry.

Why are some college fees higher than others?

Fees at CIFE colleges differ for lots of reasons. Some colleges teach in smaller classes, or provide more individual support. That adds to their staff costs. Other operate in more expensive cities, so their buildings cost more. Student accommodation costs vary for similar reasons.

If you need financial help in order to study at a CIFE college, do have a look at Help with Fees at CIFE colleges.

College Link to college fees page Email the college
Bath Academy Link to Bath Academy Fees page Email Bath Academy
MPW – Birmingham Link to MPW Birmingham Fees page Email MPW Birmingham
CATS College – Cambridge Link to CATS Fees page Email CATS
MPW – Cambridge Link to MPW Cambridge Fees page Email MPW Cambridge
CATS College – Canterbury Link to CATS Fees page Email CATS
Ashbourne Independent College – London Link to Ashbourne Fees page Email Ashbourne
Bales College – London Link to Bales Fees page Email Bales
Cambridge Tutors College – London Link to CTC Fees page Email Cambridge Tutors
CATS College – London Link to CATS Fees information Email CATS
Collingham College – London Link to Collingham Fees page Email Collingham
David Game College – London Link to David Game College Fees page Email David Game College
LSI Independent College Link to LSI fees page Email LSI
MPW – London Link to MPW London Fees page Email MPW London
Regent Independent College – London Link to Regent Independent Fees page Email Regent Independent College
Westminster Tutors – London Link to Westminster Tutors Fees page Email Westminster Tutors
Brooke House – Market Harborough Link to Brooke House Fees page Email Brooke House
Bosworth College – Northampton Link to Bosworth College Fees page Email Bosworth College
Carfax – Oxford Link to Carfax Fees page Email Carfax Oxford
Cherwell College Oxford Link to Cherwell Fees page Email Cherwell College
Oxford International College Link to OIC Fees page Email Oxford International
Oxford Sixth Form College Link to OSFC Fees page Email Oxford Sixth Form College
Padworth College Link to Padworth Fees page Email Padworth College
Rochester Independent College Link to RIC Fees page Email Rochester Independent College