CIFE colleges provide opportunities for positive change. With their long experience of helping students settle in quickly, wide subject choice and flexible course structures, courses at CIFE colleges make it easy to move school and they provide an excellent environment for a new start and successful education makeovers.

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Flexible course choices

Courses at CIFE colleges are characterised by a great deal of flexibility and choice. They provide a very wide range of subjects and build in considerable flexibility. If you want to take an unusual combination such as Chemistry, Psychology and History you'll find it at a CIFE college. CIFE college timetablers are adept at scheduling even the most unusual subject combinations. Most colleges allow students to choose virtually any combination of subjects rather than having option blocks and to take a programme which includes several course types, including mixing A level retakes with fresh one-year A level courses.

Final year sixth form and one-year A-level courses

If you want to join a CIFE college for the second year of A level, not only will you have a good choice of colleges which can provide the right second-year courses, but most will allow you to combine those courses with a new subject in which you cover the whole new A level during the year. For example, If you want to combine second-year Maths and Physics with a one-year Chemistry A level, most CIFE colleges will be able to help. Switching schools for year 13 can be an excellent way of getting your education back on track and aiming for top universities.

GCSE courses at CIFE colleges

GCSE courses are equally flexible, usually offering subjects such as Photography as well as the mainstream GCSEs, and allowing students more choice than schools usually can. Most colleges offer GCSE courses covering the whole syllabus in one year, and you can combine 'core' subjects you have already studied with new ones to add extra interest to your programme. Fast track one year intensive GCSE programmes allow you to catch up on work you may have missed in year 10. Intensive one-year GCSE courses are also useful for international students looking at integrating into the UK educational system.

University Foundation courses

These are specialised courses, generally lasting a year and aimed mostly at international students. Many CIFE colleges offer Foundation Courses.

Retake- one year and short courses- and Easter Revision courses

Finally, CIFE colleges have in-depth experience of shorter courses unavailable at most schools, such as A-level and GCSE retake courses and Easter Revision. CIFE colleges will be able to advise you about the best retake route and the different revision courses available.

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