CIFE colleges were the pioneers of Easter revision and are the major providers of these intensive courses, helping  thousands of students every year. Given the great range of sixth-form programmes available it's not possible to lay on Easter Revision courses in everything so colleges specialise in offering specific subjects and syllabuses. All A levels and GCSEs are now linear - examined at the end of the course. This puts more pressure on students because they have to know the whole subject content for those final exams. That makes getting revision started over Easter even more important. Working with teachers who fully understand the new types of exam paper and questions is essential.

The section below, Easter Revision course comparison, looks at differences between CIFE colleges' courses. It gives information on dates, subjects, costs, accommodation etc. It's updated every January.

Check our advice page for articles about how to revise effectively. Here's an article about getting Easter Revision right and how a course at a good college can help.

How can an Easter Revision course help?

For good results in summer exams you must revise during the Easter break, but sticking to your own revision during a holiday isn't easy. An Easter Revision course is an effective way to kick-start the whole process. It provides you with structure, revision, exam practice and support in one concentrated package. Easter Revision courses can make a major difference to your exam results. The momentum you develop will carry you all the way through to the summer exams.

What happens in an Easter Revision course?

Intensive work in a small group, led by an expert teacher, covers a surprising amount of material in a short time. Lots of exam question practice, and accurate feedback on what examiners want, will build your expertise and confidence. This gets the revision process firmly under way and gives you a real feeling of progress. Good revision over Easter makes the remaining weeks before the exams more productive and less stressful.

Why choose a CIFE college for Easter Revision?

CIFE colleges teach highly exam-focused courses, so their teachers are experienced and very effective in this sort of intensive work. Many students report that they learnt more in a week on a CIFE college Easter revision course than in a whole year at school.

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    A level Easter Revision course & GCSE Easter Revision course comparison

    As explained in more detail on our advice page 'getting Easter Revision right', Easter Revision courses come in all shapes and sizes, with significant differences in taught hours, syllabuses covered, costs etc.

    The table below compares some of these key differences for all the CIFE colleges offering Easter Revision in 2021. You will still need to contact individual colleges (or the CIFE secretary) to find details of syllabuses etc, but we hope this Easter Revision course comparison page will get you started. 


    Link to college details, Course details

    Avg Class

    Course dates Cost

    Ashbourne College
    London Easter revision courses


    Web: Easter revision courses

    Ashbourne is one of the top two A level colleges in London, with half its students going on to Russell Group universities. It was one of the first colleges in London to offer Easter Revision courses and has been running an Easter Revision programme for more than thirty years.

    Students are taught in small groups, with lots of individual attention and extensive exam technique and past paper practice. They also receive a comprehensive course pack and a written report by each teacher upon the completion of each course.

    7 Mon 29th March to Fri 2nd April
    Mon 5th April to Fri 9th April
    Mon 12th April to Fri 16th April
    £575 per course (15 hours). GCSE Science and A level (A2) Politics are offered as full-day courses (30 hours), £1150.

    Individual tuition: £100 per hour in blocks of 10 and 15 hours.

    Bath Academy
    Bath Easter revision courses


    Web: Revision courses

    Small group tuition and bespoke one-to-one tuition in all major A Level and GCSE subjects. Half-day courses run Monday to Friday (20 hours). Sessions are split between formal teaching focused on areas that students find challenging and daily assessment to improve exam technique and application of knowledge. Detailed feedback is given on assessments and end of course report is sent. Accommodation available.


    2/3 Small group is £620 (5-day) or £500 (4-day).

    One-to-one tuition is £192.50 per 4-hour session.

    Single hours are £55.

    Discounts for multiple bookings.

    Carfax College
    Oxford Easter revision courses

    Bespoke individual revision course in all main A level and GCSE subjects, as well as specialist teaching in Pre-U and IB examinations. All standard courses include seminars on study skills, revision strategies, and effective exam technique. Sessions are oriented towards different levels and subject areas, so that pupils can benefit from guidance that is most relevant to their needs and the types of question they will face.  Every pupil has the opportunity to sit formal mock examinations under realistic conditions. A full written report, including feedback on mock exam performance and recommendations for further study and preparation, is issued at the end of each course.

    Cherwell College
    Oxford Easter revision courses

    All main subjects offered for GCSE, and A-Level for all major exam boards.

    Expert preparation for the reformed A-Level and GCSEs.

    Five full days of tutoring per week (30 contact hours) plus additional tests and personal feedback.

    Residential and non-residential options – residential includes full-board in our new accommodation with single occupancy en-suite rooms.

    Collingham College
    London Easter revision courses


    Web: A level | GCSE

    All main subjects at A Level and GCSE offered.

    Homework is set throughout and reports are sent at the end of the course.

    GCSE Combined Science (28 hours' tuition) £950.

    Examination Skills day £220, or £115 when booked in conjunction with a full revision course.

    5 A Level (17.5 hours' tuition):
    1 subject £625
    2 subjects £1210;GCSE (14 hours' tuition):
    1 subject £495
    2 subjects £950
    3 subjects £1405.

    David Game College
    London Easter revision courses


    Web: Easter Revision courses

    David Game College has been offering Easter Revision Courses in London for over 45 years. Easter Revision Courses are an excellent way to structure revision with the advantage of an experienced teacher who can answer questions as they arise.

    Currently offering A level & GCSE Maths, Economics and Further Maths, A level Psychology and A level & GCSE Geography revision courses; preparing students for their GCSE, IGCSE, AS or A Level examinations by offering targeted lessons with the focus on examination technique. Throughout the sessions, teachers consolidate students’ knowledge and teach them how to apply this knowledge in exam questions.

    A level revision courses, pricing from £180 to £672
    Please contact for more details.

    Birmingham Easter revision courses


    Web: Easter Revision courses

    All main subjects at A Level and GCSE offered, with courses relating to both Legacy and Reformed options. A Level board-specific courses. AS Level, legacy A2 & GCSE courses: 5 half-days (17.5 hours).  Reformed A Level courses: 5 full days (35 hours).

    Full board, fully supervised accommodation available Sun-Fri at Churchill College, University of Cambridge. Weekend half-board also  available.

    Please contact for prices

    Cambridge Easter revision courses


    Web: Easter Revision courses

    All main subjects at A Level and GCSE offered. A Level board-specific courses. Year 12 A level & GCSE courses: 5 half-days (17.5 hours). Year 13 A Level courses: 5 full days (35 hours). One-to-one (7.5 hours). 7.5 hour one-to-one sessions also available for certain subjects at A level and GCSE.

    Full board, fully supervised accommodation available Sun-Fri at Churchill College, University of Cambridge. Weekend half-board also available.


    (max 9)
    Mon 29th March to Fri 2nd April
    Mon 5th to Fri 9th April
    Mon 12th to Fri 16th April
    Year 12 A level - £600

    Year 13 A level - £1130

    GCSE - £600

    One-to-one - £600

    Full board accommodation £540; half-board £240.

    London Easter revision courses


    Web: Easter Revision courses

    All main subjects at A Level (A and AS) and GCSE offered

    Year 12 A level and GCSE courses: 5 mornings or afternoons (20 hours)

    Year 13 A level courses: 5 days (40 hours)

    8 hour A level courses in Classical Civilisation, English Literature and Religious Studies

    4 hour A level courses in History, geography, Modern Languages and Theatre


    GCSE and Year 12 A level (20 hours): £880 for one subject

    Year 13 A level (40 hours): £1,360 for one subject

    8 hour A level course: £388 each

    4 hour A level course: £251 each

    Oxford International College
    Oxford Easter revision courses


    Web: Easter revision courses

    All main subjects at GCSE, IGCSE, IB and A Level, some subjects at Pre-U. Week-long residential, non-residential and online courses. Three subjects or papers per week, with one and half days spent on each. A combination of tutorials, for consolidation of knowledge, and exam practice. Study skills included. End of course reports written by the tutors. Due to government guidelines imposed by COVID-19, we may not be able to operate our face-to-face/day only or residential courses. We will provide all customers with regular updates on this matter.


    (max 6) 
    Week 1: Monday 29th March to Friday 2nd April (including Good Friday)
    Week 2: Monday 5th to Friday 9th April (including Easter Monday)
    Week 3: Monday 12th to Friday 16th April
    Online: £829 per week
    Day Only (Face-to-Face): £889 per week
    Residential: £1,250 per week

    Rochester Independent College
    Rochester Easter revision courses


    Web: Easter revision courses

    Over 30 years’ experience teaching specialist intensive courses, Tutors are the College’s own experienced permanent teachers with proven track records of exam success. Essential examination skills taught and model answers demonstrated. Shorter one or two module topic specific courses can be arranged. Course report with constructive help and advice for revision at home included. Full College facilities including supervised single room boarding with evening study club and activity programme for those that choose to board.


    8 GCSE & A level Revision Courses: £600 for 16 hours (small group tuition)

    Triple Science GCSE: £900 for 24 hours (small group tuition)

    Boarding: £95 per night

    Westminster Tutors Independent Sixth Form College
    London Easter revision courses


    Web: Easter revision courses

    We offer bespoke A Level and GCSE revision courses for almost all subjects on the Edexcel, OCR & AQA boards, for legacy and reformed specifications. Teachers’ qualifications are second to none & many are also examiners. Each student’s revision course is designed to meet individual need & is taught 1:1. Book early as revision is offered on a first come, first served basis. Always
    1 to 1
    Revision rates: £92 per hour, or £88 per hour if booking 10 or more hours.