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Bales College student receives 2017 CIFE Award

We were pleased to see Bales student Ammar Monojir receive a 2017 CIFE Award for his exceptional contribution to life at Bales College . He received the award from CIFE President Lord Lexden at a ceremony this April in the House of Lords.
College Award

Collecting the award from Lord LexdenAmmar dedicated himself especially to the study of history, mastering fine detail and appreciating the importance of it in a world which finds it hard to learn lessons from the past – he now spends long hours in Kings College library. As a member of Bales College, Ammar mentored younger students and took social responsibilities seriously. He scored full marks in an A level Geography paper, reflecting his A grade ability in all subjects. At the same time, he played for the soccer team and assisted his father in running the family property business.

Ammar wasn’t on hand to collect his award in person, but we were delighted to do so on his behalf – see right.

Bales student wins 2016 CIFE Prize

Bales student Lilly Connolly was recognised for her outstanding contribution to life at Bales by a 2016 CIFE College Award, which she received from CIFE President Lord Lexden.

Bales-student-Lilly-Connolly-with-Lord-LexdenLilly has made her presence strongly felt as a highly articulate and compassionate member of Bales College. Whilst finding time to offer help and explanation to students of all ages when they experienced difficulties, she herself gained seven As in GCSE courses. Her ambition is to go into the medical field and she has had work experience in a teaching hospital.

Lilly organised a ‘Coffee Morning’ in aid of Macmillan Cancer support, raising over £160, and participated in fundraising for the British Heart Foundation. She helped found a Singing Group, and has given presentations at Prizes Evening and school assemblies.

Bales students win two CIFE prizes in 2013

Each March our professional association CIFE awards a number of prizes to exceptional students, and we have won two of them this year.

Wu Yik Him has won a CIFE Value Added award. Him was disappointed with his GCSE results in Hong Kong so took the decision to move to London to live with his aunt, seeing the transfer to Bales as the boost he needed to further his ambitions of becoming a Civil Engineer. Him embraced his new environment and with this his confidence grew and grew. Him was an excellent student and a popular member of the College. We are so proud of his achievements. Him achieved 2A*s and 2As at A level and secured himself a highly competitive place to study Engineering at one of Hong Kong’s elite universities.

Aynan Iqbal was awarded a CIFE College Prize. Aynan transferred to Bales College in Year 9 as he sought an environment that would better nurture his academic ambitions. Aynan is tenacious and hardworking and this is reflected in both his achievements at GCSE – 6 A*, 3As – and his decision to study 5 subjects at A level. Aynan achieved excellent results last year – 1A*, 3As and a B at AS level – for which he received another prestigious award from the Bangladeshi Community. Aynan has taken a year out to tutor maths, gain further work experience and he hopes to embark upon his medical career in the autumn.

The picture below shows Aynan and his family at the awards ceremony held in House of Lords

Bales College student Aynan Iqbal at CIFE prize ceremony

Bales College

Established in 1966, Bales is an independent school and sixth-form college, providing intensive tuition in small groups for students aged 13-19 years. On-campus boarding accommodation is available to students aged 14-19. Admission is by interview, where we discuss with the students and parents their aims and objectives.

Subjects and Courses

A key feature of Bales is that the younger students do not specialise too early. All Year 9 and 10 students follow a set curriculum covering ten subjects; it is only in Year 11 that final choices are made in terms of the subjects to be taken at GCSE. All students, without exception, experience two separate cycles of trial examinations during each academic year, plus fortnightly tests in each subject. Informed decisions about tier of entry for GCSE students and the scheduling of AS and A2 units for 16+ students can then be made, based on reliable and meaningful evidence of attainment.

Students who are doing A levels for the first time usually follow the two-year AS and A2 programme; students who are retaking at A level or GCSE follow the one-year intensive course. Students who have followed an AS level (Year 12) programme elsewhere may enrol at Bales College for their A2 year only, or for a two year course involving AS retakes plus A2 if circumstances dictate this to be the more sensible approach.

Teaching Methods

We are committed to helping each and every student reach the maximum possible level commensurate with his or her abilities and interests. We are unashamedly traditional in our teaching methods, believing in academic rigour. Every student is made very aware of the high degree of personal attention given to them; we know them and they know us. We are communicative and accessible; any parent/ guardian can contact us at any time about anything of concern.


We have always been committed to the teaching of separate sciences, supported by as much practical work as possible - certainly much more than the minimum advised by the examination awarding bodies. We have an excellent science laboratory, with additional newly refurbished laboratories due to be completed in the near future. There is also an Art and Design department, plus - in a separate building - ICT facilities plus a canteen which provides lunches for both day and residential students.


We can accommodate up to 20 boarding students. Residential students have the advantages of living on-campus, with extra access to the school facilities. Bedrooms are furnished to a high standard, and an excellent choice of cuisine is available at meal times, with special diets catered for upon request. Supervised study periods take place in the evenings and at weekends.