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Sixth-form advice articles

This page links to over 30 sixth-form advice articles written by CIFE staff to help pre-university students.

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We've arranged the articles under the 3 main headings below. Just click on the    at the start of the orange boxes to show information and links to the individual articles.

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We hope you find these sixth-form advice articles interesting and helpful. Do contact us if you need advice which isn't covered here or to suggest an article you would like us to add.

Sixth-form advice articles about study skills

These articles cover the key skills you need to make a success of the sixth form and include topics such as rtevision, managing yout time, coping with stress etc

See the study skills articles

Advice articles about sixth-form choices

These Sixth-form advice articles include information about choosing the right subjects, FAQs about retaking, alternatives to A level, choosing a college etc

See the sixth-form choice articles

Sixth-form advice articles about university entrance

Articles cover how to write a good UCAS statement, tips for an outstanding UCAS form, dealing with interviews etc

See the university entrance articles

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