More than half of CIFE students entered a Times Top 30 University in 2020

The latest survey of CIFE students' university applications shows that, in 2020:

  • Over 1400 students from 20 CIFE colleges entered a UK university
  • University College London was the University with the most places gained, followed by Exeter.
  • 56% entered a Times Top 30 University;
  • 53% entered a Russell Group University;
  • 6 students entered Cambridge University;
  • 6 students entered Oxford University;
  • 102 students are studying Medicine, Dentistry or Vet Science;
  • More than a quarter of all students entered a London university;
  • 19% are studying Finance/Business/Management (24% in 2019) - the most popular course choice for the sixth year running

These impressive university destinations to some of the most highly selective courses and institutions reflect the ambition of cife college students and the excellence of the teaching and UCAS application support that our colleges offer. These outcomes are particularly impressive when it is remembered that many ambitious cife students are retaking their A levels at our colleges and that entry to some competitive courses is even harder when applying second time around.