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FAQs about CIFE colleges

This page of FAQs about CIFE colleges answers the questions we are most often asked. Independent sixth-form colleges links to a page which describes how our colleges compare with the rest of the education sector. About CIFE explains what CIFE colleges have in common.

Where are CIFE colleges located?

How do I know which college is best?

What do students achieve at CIFE colleges?

How can I be sure that CIFE colleges do a good job?

What are admissions procedures like?

Can the colleges provide me with accommodation?

How much do courses cost?

Can I get financial help?

Can I do A level in one year?

Can I join a CIFE college for the upper sixth?

Can I change examination boards after AS?

How flexible are CIFE colleges' timetables?

What's the benefit of taking an Easter Revision course?

How can CIFE colleges help me with UCAS?

Will I fit in?

Can I keep up my sports interests?

Do CIFE colleges welcome international students?

Are CIFE colleges crammers?

What does 'CIFE' stand for?

Who runs CIFE?

What if I am not happy with a CIFE college, or CIFE?

We hope you've found these FAQs about CIFE Colleges helpful - do let us know if there's more information you would like to see included.

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