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MPW Birmingham students win 4 CIFE awards

We’re proud to announce that four of our best students from 2016 were honoured with CIFE Prizes. CIFE Prizes are awarded for exceptional achievement, we were therefore delighted to watch four MPW Birmingham students receive their awards from CIFE President Lord Lexden at a ceremony in the House of Lords this April.

Jake Lee won a CIFE Andrew Osmond Maths award. Jake joined MPW from the Royal Wolverhampton School and studied a two-year A level programme in Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Additional Further Mathematics and Physics as well as AS Chemistry. Jake obtained grades A*A*A*A* in his A level subjects and a grade A in AS Chemistry. Jake is now reading Mathematics at St Catherine’ College, University of Oxford. Jake is not only a proficient mathematician and first class academic but also a supportive student who was only too willing to mentor fellow students in their pursuit of mathematics. Jake has also assisted with our Oxbridge preparation programme.

 Yiran Chen (Vivyne) received a CIFE award for Humanities. Vivyne joined MPW from Dongguan Middle School in China. At MPW, Vivyne studied a two year A level programme in History, Mathematics, Government and Politics and Law and obtained grades A*A*A*A.  Vivyne is now reading Social Anthropology at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Vivyne is a keen debater and was an integral member of the college’s Model United Nations team. She approached her studies with infectious enthusiasm and no doubt will continue to shine at university.

 Josephine Rushe won the 2017 CIFE Value Added award. During her time at MPW, Josephine won the Principal’s award for outstanding contribution to college life. She joined MPW after the first year in the sixth form at Solihull School, where Josephine had achieved AS level grades CCDE in Geography, Mathematics, Physics and Economics. At MPW, she restarted a two year A level programme in Economics, Business Studies and Mathematics achieving grades A*AA. Josephine is now reading Management at the University of Warwick. Josephine is an exemplary student with an impeccable work ethos. She leads by example and is a great role model for other students who are trying to overcome initial academic setbacks.

Faye Sing Yi Kho won a CIFE College Prize for her outstanding contribution to MPW Birmingham. Faye joined MPW to complete an eighteen-month A level course in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Psychology obtaining four A grades. After completing her A levels, Faye went onto read Liberal Arts at the University of Birmingham. In addition to being an excellent student, Faye is incredibly supportive to those around her. She is always willing to help in college projects and welcome visitors to the college. Faye was a great ambassador for MPW and it is only right and proper that she should obtain the College Prize.

The award winners are pictured below, relaxing after the ceremony with MPW Principal Mark Shingleton. From the left: Vivyne, Faye, Mark, Josephine and Jake.

MPW Birmingham CIFE award winners with Mark Shingleton



Two 2016 CIFE prizes for MPW Birmingham

We’re pleased to report that two of MPW Birmingham students were honoured with Prizes at the 2016 CIFE Awards ceremony this March.

MPW-Birmingham-student-Ali-Shakarchy-with-Lord-LexdenAli Shakarchy received a  CIFE Value Added award. Ali joined MPW Birmingham in September 2013 for a two year A level programme in Biology, Business Studies and Chemistry and AS Mathematics, having previously achieved AS level grades UEUD. At MPW, Ali grew in confidence and determination and exhibited an excellent work ethic. He achieved three A grades at A level, and a B in AS Mathematics. He is now reading Information Technology Management for Business at the University of Manchester. Ali is a worthy winner of the value added award and the distance travelled regarding his academic progress is significant. He has been willing to share his experiences with other students, offering valuable guidance on how best to navigate the demands of A level study.

MPW-Birmingham-student-Alex-Moran-with-Lord-LexdenAlex Moran received a CIFE College Award for his outstanding contribution to life at MPW Birmingham. Alex joined us in September 2013 having already achieved AS grades CCBE in English, French, PE and Biology.  At MPW he studied a two year A level programme in Economics, Law and English Literature. Alex received the Principal’s award at MPW Birmingham due to him being an exemplary role model for other students. His contributions as a student ambassador helped inspire prospective students to join the college. Alex also established a college running club and as an accomplished athlete displayed much patience and humility in supporting less gifted runners. He achieved three A grades in his A levels and is now reading Law at the University of Birmingham.

Four MPW Birmingham students win 2015 CIFE Prizes

CIFE Prizes are awarded for exceptional achievement, and are fiercely contested. we’re therefore delighted that four MPW Birmingham students received Prizes in 2015. Prizes were presented at a ceremony in the House of Lords, where the picture at the foot of this article was taken.

Kevin Cui received the CIFE award for Economics. He joined MPW Birmingham from China in September 2012 to study a two year A level programme in Economics, Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics. Kevin achieved four A* grades in each of these subjects and demonstrated extremely high standards of intellectual endeavour. Kevin holds a real passion for current affairs and was able to discuss with impressive fluidity the most pressing current political and economic issues. Not surprisingly, with such academic interests, Kevin performed exceptionally well in his Economics A level, scoring an impressive 386 out of 400 and achieving 100% in two of his examinations. Kevin is now reading Economics at Hong Kong University.

Linh Khanh Tran gained a CIFE award for Social Sciences. She joined MPW Birmingham from Vietnam in September 2012, completing a two year A level programme in History, Economics, Mathematics and Government and Politics, and achieving the grades of three A* and one A respectively. As well as applying herself with considerable conviction to her studies, Linh was always willing to get involved in college events and her support throughout her two year stay speaks volumes about her pleasant and considerate nature. Linh’s academic skills reveal considerable breadth as she achieved A* grades in diverse subjects such as Mathematics and History. Linh is now reading Economics at UCL.

Inderpal Bassan received a CIFE Value Added award for the terrific improvement he made during his studies with us. He joined MPW Birmingham in September 2012 to complete a two year A level programme in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics, obtaining the grades of A*BB respectively. Prior to attending MPW, Inderpal obtained four U grades in his AS studies. The distance travelled by Inderpal in his academic journey during his time at MPW has been an inspiration to many students because he has demonstrated just what can be achieved through determination and a positive work ethos. Inderpal is now reading Biochemistry at the University of Birmingham.

And finally, David Scott received a CIFE College award for his contribution to life at MPW Birmingham. He joined us in September 2013 after having previously completed the IB. David completed a one year A level programme in Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics, achieving the grades A*AA respectively. David relished the opportunity that A levels provide to specialise in subjects he was passionate about. His enthusiasm and positive approach had a wonderful impact upon the college and we have every confidence that David will continue to excel during his stay at the University of Sheffield where he is now reading Mechanical Engineering with French.

Pictured below are Inderpal (seated second left), David Scott (standing second left) Linh (seated right) and MPW Birmingham Principal, Mark Shingleton (second right).

MPW Birmingham Prize winners at House of Lords

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Introduction to MPW Birmingham

Founded in 1980 MPW Birmingham is located in Edgbaston, Birmingham and is nestled conveniently between the city centre and Birmingham University. Its approach to teaching and learning combines the best from modern and traditional approaches. As well as preparing students for a wide range of GCSE, AS Level and A-level courses the college also provides support and guidance regarding Oxbridge, Medical, Dental and Veterinary university applications. The college has established a reputation where students enjoy working hard and are given every possible opportunity to fulfil their academic potential in a friendly but focussed environment.


MPW-Birmingham-buildingStudents benefit from excellent classroom facilities including well equipped science and IT laboratories. In addition to the Study Centre which supports students as they sit weekly mock examinations and carry out private study there is also a spacious student common room which enables students to socialise and develop friendship groups.


At MPW Birmingham all teaching is carried out in small groups of no more than eight students. Students should expect to receive a lot of support but should also expect to work hard. There is no restriction on subject combinations and students will have a wide choice of subjects to select from. As well as providing traditional two year A Level and GCSE courses the college also provides one year intensive and 16 week intensive courses.

Pastoral Support

In addition to providing intensive and student focussed teaching MPW Birmingham also prides itself on offering first class pastoral care. All students work closely with a Personal Tutor who will ensure that students remain positive and motivated and work to their best ability. As well as offering guidance and support the Personal Tutor will also listen and ensure that every student at MPW Birmingham is given a voice.

University Preparation

The Personal Tutor will play a vital role in ensuring that the university aspirations of MPW Birmingham students are met. The overwhelming majority of all students wish to study at university and each student can expect to receive expert guidance relating to course selection and choice of university. As well as ensuring a strong UCAS application the Personal Tutor will also assist with all necessary interview preparation and provide valued support in relation to the various pre-admission tests students now have to sit such as the BMAT, the UKCAT and the LNAT.

Student Development away from the classroom

All students at MPW Birmingham have access to the first class sports facilities on offer at Birmingham City University enabling them to participate in both team and individual sports such as football, basketball, cricket, netball and badminton as well as using both free and machine weights and having access to first rate cardio vascular equipment. In addition the college caries out various academic trips and students are given the opportunity to participate in the unique MPW Leadership Scheme as well as completing an Academic Research Project of 3000 words on an area of academic interest. As well as helping students secure good grades MPW Birmingham will also provide opportunities for its students to develop more holistically which will help them develop as people and further enhance their university and career prospects.

cife Scholarships

MPW Birmingham offer scholarships to exceptional students on a case by case basis. Please contact the college by emailing for further information.