CIFE colleges welcome students joining for the final-year A-level courses and can offer you new subjects as well as building on what you've learned in lower sixth.

Every year many students switch for year 13, joining CIFE colleges for final-year A-level courses to build on a sixth-form course that they have started at another school. Their reasons for making the change vary. In some cases it is because they've lost momentum through illness or social distraction. It may be that they need to change one or more A-level subjects which they've been struggling with or which they simply have not enjoyed.

However, students often tell us that they simply feel it is time to move on. CIFE colleges are particularly good at providing a safe bridge between a child-based school environment, and more adult learning styles. Final-year A-level courses at a CIFE college can make all the difference and change half-way through the sixth form often has a very positive effect on a student's morale and achievement.

Switching for year 13 in September 2021

As a result of the pandemic many students have had a disrupted year 12 and are facing the prospect of catching up on missing work in year 13. CIFE colleges are ideally placed to help students in this position catch up with confidence. We are very used to welcoming transferring students directly into the final year of their A levels and can handle any required board changes and the UCAS applications in these circumstances with ease. Do contact us if you would like to discuss your situation.

Moving to final-year courses is usually easy

Because most subjects follow similar content and delivery patterns, you should find that changing easy. At interview you'll be asked about the topics you've covered, just to check that your upper sixth course will not miss out topics you need to learn. If a change of exam board or syllabus is involved, colleges will check carefully, explain the differences to you, and make sure that any gaps are covered properly when you join the second-year course. CIFE colleges can give you expert advice on all of this.

Options if your first year didn't go well

What if you have just finished lower sixth and ended up with disappointing results? Unless you have had a complete disaster you should be able to carry on into the second year of the sixth form rather than having to repeat a year. If you've have come down badly across the board you might be better off considering changing into one-year A-level courses (see link to right). That way you will get taught all parts of the syllabus. You even have the option of continuing upper-sixth courses in the subjects you like and taking up one or two completely new subjects as one-year A levels.

We're happy to advise you

It's not always easy to work out what went wrong if you had a bad year in lower sixth. And finding the best course combination to get back on track can be really confusing. CIFE colleges will be happy to meet you to talk things through and they'll certainly give you an expert and independent perspective. Do contact us if you need help.

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