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CIFE Intercollegiate Articles

cife Intercollegiate Articles are a series of technical articles written by individual cife colleges discussing issues pertinent to the Sixth Form college sector. cife also publish general sixth-form advice articles.

Generation CAG (Centre Assessed Grades)

CAG – centre assessed grades – the acronym that will stay with the generation who completed A-levels and GCSEs in 2020 and 2021 for life – “Generation CAG”. With GCSE and A-level qualifications being awarded via CAG, how will this affect this generation in the future? Since

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The resilience of teachers

One thing this pandemic has highlighted, is the fact that teachers are such resilient characters. Since last March, as a profession like so many others, we have faced a myriad of uncertainties and last minute ministerial decisions that have had quite profound impacts on what we do.

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2021: A Virtual Space Odyssey / A Tribute to CIFE College Teachers

Lockdown. March 2020 On the first morning of lockdown teaching, like all other CIFE college principals, I’m sure, I sat in my living room in front of a computer screen staring intently at a list of virtual classes that were ready to launch. It seemed as though

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How to maximise student potential?

An interview with one of Ashbourne’s most successful teachers of Government and Politics.   What are the most critical factors behind the academic success of your subject in the last five years? It is a combination of various factors Expert subject knowledge; strong relations and close liaison

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Post-Pandemic, is online provision here to stay?

One thing, possibly the only thing, to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic as a positive, is the fact that just about every teacher in the land ‘upskilled’ themselves massively to become expert users in Zoom, MS Teams, Google Classrooms, Seneca for Science and other such platforms.

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