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CIFE Intercollegiate Articles

cife Intercollegiate Articles are a series of technical articles written by individual cife colleges discussing issues pertinent to the Sixth Form college sector. cife also publish general sixth-form advice articles.

Applying to competitive courses when results don’t go your way

Fortunately, all is not lost; there are good options still available to you. While many will be thinking of going into Clearing, for many people, A Level retakes will be a better option.

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Dealing with Mental Health Issues in education Post-Pandemic

As we emerge from the first two years of the pandemic, it is apparent that many features of the pandemic and the measures implemented to deal with it have had a negative effect on the mental health of many young people. Pre-pandemic, there had already been a

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A break from the norm: the power of broadening the curriculum

At the end of last year a report by the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference (HMC) highlighted that 94% of education leaders, parents, students and staff believe GCSEs are outdated and called for urgent reform to the curriculum.There have also been calls from education thinktank EDSK to replace

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Feeling Outnumbered – to students and staff!

Not long ago, I heard a song that caught my ear, and subsequently read an interview, that both inspired and led me to a slightly different way of thinking. The song is called “Outnumbered” and is performed by an Irish Artist called Dermott Kennedy. It’s not incredibly

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A new Glass Ceiling Theory…

A reoccurring feature of student feedback received by Cife colleges is that students value the lack of a Glass Ceiling regarding their aspirations and potential achievements. The expression Glass Ceiling emerged in the late 1980s and was used in an academic paper by A.M. Morrison who examined

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