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CIFE Intercollegiate Articles

cife Intercollegiate Articles are a series of technical articles written by individual cife colleges discussing issues pertinent to the Sixth Form college sector. cife also publish general sixth-form advice articles.

Online, merge, offline for education continuity and equity. What’s next for online learning?

The COVID-19 pandemic caused all education providers to revaluate how education can be delivered; most of us were forced to use more immersive forms of education technology to try and provide continuity in education in order that pupil progress and engagement in learning continued in extraordinary times.

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Post-Covid lessons to be learnt by the tutorial college sector

The last eighteen months has seen a period in which educational institutions have had to be innovative and quick to adapt in order to survive and fulfil their mission. After yet another year of demands for schools to do a better job and, contradictorily, at the same

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Butterflies and moths – who cares?

Why we need to talk to our students about climate change and biodiversity within PSHE, SMSC, and as part of their wellbeing and mental health “Over 70% of the UK’s resident and regular migrant butterfly species declined in either abundance or occurrence (or both) over the past

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The Growing Value of the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

There has been a high degree of interest shown in EPQ courses during the Covid period; it is one of the few A levels that is being examined as normal. An EPQ grade will have additional value this year. The EPQ is an interesting qualification. It is

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Ancient thinking in a modern world

Sir Anthony Seldon described schools as being representatives of a 19th Century factory like mentality. It might not be quite as sensationalist as that but there is certainly enough fabric there to make a tapestry. None more seen over the past year, where the pandemic caught schools

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