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CIFE Intercollegiate Articles

cife Intercollegiate Articles are a series of technical articles written by individual cife colleges discussing issues pertinent to the Sixth Form college sector. cife also publish general sixth-form advice articles.

Supporting Students During the Coronavirus Crisis

The coronavirus crisis has clearly dominated all of our lives since at least early March, including all of us involved in education. With the announcement that schools and colleges were to be closed physically, teachers and students had to adapt quickly to other methods of learning if

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Independent Enrichment – A route to success.

Extra-curricula enrichment activities have long been a mainstay of schools and colleges both across the UK and around the world. For many institutions, this means incorporating a range of activities into the existing curriculum for which students can enrol. Indeed, many Cife colleges offer a variety of

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Student test preparation for A levels

Testing, testing, one two, one two … “There’ll be a test next week.” The above sentence contains the word that many students dread. A test?, they might think. What a waste of time! We should be doing something useful instead, like getting on with learning new stuff.

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Vocabulary and Success: the link between vocabulary and occupational success – why students should care

It is generally recognised that when someone has an extensive vocabulary they are more able to express themselves and communicate with greater accuracy and clarity. Yet, does this advantage extend to career advancement and earning potential? Does having a richer vocabulary change the way we think and

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Is university still worth it?

Universities are certainly not going anywhere. Nor should they. But let’s address this head on: University is not for everyone. Nor does it have to be. There are plenty of students nowadays who would rather go straight to work and there is a growing number of schemes

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