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CIFE College News Articles

Bath Academy student wins 2016 CIFE Award

Bath Academy

We’re delighted to report that Bath Academy student Henry Gould received a 2016 CIFE Prize at the awards ceremony in the House of Lords this March. Henry came to Bath Academy to study A Levels. Henry had longstanding difficulties with anxiety at school, but also had the

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Ashbourne students win two 2016 CIFE Awards

Ashbourne Independent Sixth-form College

Each year CIFE Awards prizes to the very best students from all its colleges. One in every 100 students do well enough to win an award, so we’re delighted that two Ashbourne students received prizes this year. Lidia Makarova received the CIFE award for Visual and Creative

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Bales student wins 2016 CIFE Prize

Bales College

Bales student Lilly Connolly was recognised for her outstanding contribution to life at Bales by a 2016 CIFE College Award, which she received from CIFE President Lord Lexden. Lilly has made her presence strongly felt as a highly articulate and compassionate member of Bales College. Whilst finding

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CATS London students win two 2016 CIFE Prizes

CATS College

CATS London is delighted to announce that two of our best students were recognised with prizes at the CIFE Awards ceremony held in the House of Lords this March. Cheuk Ying (Karen) Ho received a CIFE award for Sciences. Karen is an incredibly talented individual. Her ability to

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Three 2016 CIFE awards for Collingham students


The annual CIFE awards are keenly contested across the 3500 students in CIFE colleges, and we’re delighted to report that Collingham students have won three of them this year! Stephanie Childress, Alexander Thanki and Willem Nelis received their awards at a ceremony in the House of Lords

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