We were delighted to see Alinah Yar receive a 2017 CIFE Award this April for her exceptional contribution to life at Regent College. She received the award from CIFE President Lord Lexden at a ceremony in the House of Lords.

Alinah Yar receives a 2017 CIFE Award Alinah joined Regent College in 2014 and is currently studying English and Art at A-Level. Alinah has worked particularly hard in her Art lessons over the last eighteen months. She has found a way of expressing herself through her poetry and has started combining her art work with her words. This has been a turning point in her working approach and has generated an enormous potential for future work. Her words have become part of her art and her art is her words. Alinah has a painting on display in a café gallery. She has also produced a website for her art and her poetry has been accepted onto an online poetry site. We are very proud of her achievements.