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Help with fees at cife colleges

cife colleges do not receive government funding so they must cover their running expenses by charging fees. Even though many colleges are either charities or 'not-for-profit', fees can be high because teaching groups in cife colleges are small and teacher salaries are a major proportion of costs.

Our Fees at cife colleges page includes links to the Fees page on each college's website. Most cife colleges have set aside money to help worthwhile students pay fees, and this article answers the questions we often get asked about help with fees at cife colleges. Just click on the    to expand the section you would like to read.

For 2017 entry twelve cife colleges have established specific cife Scholarships. Please contact the cife Secretary for further details.

What help with fees can cife colleges offer?

What's the difference between scholarship and bursary?

Which colleges offer cife Scholarships?

Are there any strings attached to an award?

What are prizes and hardship funds?

How do pay-as-you-go schemes work?

How do colleges choose who to help with fees?

When do I have to apply if I want help with fees?

Are there any other sources of help with fees?

Is there any other way to raise money to study?

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Fees at cife colleges

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