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Regent College student receives 2017 CIFE Award

We were delighted to see Alinah Yar receive a 2017 CIFE Award this April for her exceptional contribution to life at Regent College. She received the award from CIFE President Lord Lexden at a ceremony in the House of Lords.

Alinah Yar receives a 2017 CIFE Award Alinah joined Regent College in 2014 and is currently studying English and Art at A-Level. Alinah has worked particularly hard in her Art lessons over the last eighteen months. She has found a way of expressing herself through her poetry and has started combining her art work with her words. This has been a turning point in her working approach and has generated an enormous potential for future work. Her words have become part of her art and her art is her words. Alinah has a painting on display in a café gallery. She has also produced a website for her art and her poetry has been accepted onto an online poetry site. We are very proud of her achievements.



Regent College student wins 2016 CIFE Award

We’re pleased to announce that Regent College student Shaina Haria received an award at the 2016 CIFE Prizes ceremony, hosted by CIFE President Lord Lexden in the House of Lords in March 2016.  Shaina is an outstanding student. She is one of the most mature, polite and respectful young ladies you are ever likely to meet. Her commitment to her studies is extraordinary. She has an ambition to study law and become a barrister. What makes Shaina so remarkable is that she is debilitated by chronic, brittle asthma – although she will never use or even mention her illness as any form of excuse. One incident stands out that typifies her – she was discharged from intensive care after a very serious crisis and came straight to college to sit a mock exam and achieved an A-grade.

Shaina with her mother at the CIFE Awards ceremony.


About Regent College

Regent is an Independent School & Sixth Form College located in north-west London. The College was established in 2000 to provide a co-educational, non-selective education for students from 14 years upward. It is part of Regent Group, which is an educational group offering services across the range of the sector ranging from childcare to further education.

Not only does Regent have a very good name in the area, receiving many recommendations from former students and parents, but Regent prides itself on taking a very wide range of students, from different educational backgrounds with a variety of educational histories, who are looking for a college which is both caring and understanding and which can meet their individual needs.

Our Courses

Regent College offers a range of courses, both traditional and innovative in nature. Our GCSEs are offered in two formats. We have a standard two-year GCSE programme, i.e. Pre-17 GCSE (Year 10 & Year) 11, and we also have a one-year intensive programme ie. Post-16, aimed at students who need to repeat their GCSEs, either to improve their general grade portfolio or to attain vital passes in English and Maths.

Our A-Level courses also come in two formats. Students may take a two year linear A-Level course, comprising of the Lower Sixth Year, the first year and the Upper Sixth or, if they wish to repeat their subjects but do not wish to spend two years doing so, we offer an intensive course revising all the specification units within one year.

Students in our two-year GCSE programme take the core subjects including English, Maths and the Sciences as well as non-core subjects such as Art, Government & Politics and Computer Science. Students on the Intensive course usually focus purely on the core subjects.

Our A-Level students can choose from a wide range of subjects that offer students breadth of study and the chance to prepare for a potential degree programme. The most popular subjects at the College include Maths, Biology and Chemistry.

Our Team

The Regent College team includes some of the most experienced teachers in the tutorial college sector. Many of them have been teaching for decades and many also have years of experience working as examiners for the boards. The team is led by the Principal, Mrs Tharshiny Pankaj, supported in her role by a team of administrative and support staff.

Student Life

As well as attending lessons every day, students are also expected to work in supervised study when they are not in class. This involves students studying independently in the hall, under the supervision of a dedicated staff member. This ensures students’ time is used effectively from 9am to 3.30pm.

Students must also attend whole-school assemblies each week where important updates on school matters are circulated to students and students are introduced to a range of topics regarding life in Britain, topical issues and given the chance to contribute to school life.

Regent students in quiet studyStudents also have House Group each week. At Regent, all students are allocated a House upon joining the College. At House Group, staff and students will discuss a wide range of topics that are designed to broaden their minds and inspire self-questioning.

In addition to this, students are also encouraged to partake of extra-curricular activities, such as Chess Club and Football Club.

The College also hosts regular Activity Days where the timetable is suspended for the day and students enjoy visits from guest speakers and undertake new and exciting experiences.

Regent is a small College and is often recognised as being particularly friendly. Students interact between classes and year groups and tend to interact very well with the team of staff.

Our Results

Regent College has a history of good results. The most recent set of public examinations in the summer of 2016 generated the following results:

A Level:

  • Regeent college students study physicsA* to B: 46%
  • A* to C: 67%
  • Pass: 94%

Year 12 GCSE:

  • A* to A: 16%
  • A* to B: 56%
  • A* to C: 82%
  • Pass: 82%

Almost all our students go on to university via UCAS, for which thorough advice, information and guidance is given. The universities to which our students proceed vary, as do the courses they choose but they include some of the most popular universities such as Nottingham, Birmingham and Aston. The most commonly chosen courses include Pharmacy, Optometry, Business Management and Computer Science.


Please contact us (see details in left-hand panel) and we can arrange for you to visit the College, meet the Principal, discuss course and subject options and tour the facilities.

cife Scholarships

At Regent College we are able provide some funding to students who wish to pursue post-16 educational courses in GCSE, A-level and BTEC. This funding is Government-backed and is available to students who meet certain criteria. Funding is considered on a case-by-case basis. Our funding provision has helped hundreds of students to remain in education or find the right courses for them to advance their ambitions towards university, vocational courses, apprentices and employment. We also provide funded students with high-quality careers education and guidance, as well as work experience opportunities. Our expert advisors are available for enquires.

Find out more about cife scholarships at Regent College