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Choose the right CIFE college

map showing main college locations


Here's how to choose the right CIFE college:

  1. Get the background
    Our FAQ page explains what CIFE colleges are
  2. Work out your list of important questions
    We’ve summarised the main issues on Questions to ask CIFE colleges.
  3. Get answers to your questions
    Each college has its own page, (see the links on the right). Questions to ask CIFE colleges suggests other sources of information too. If you contact CIFE we can arrange for colleges to send you the information you need.
  4. Make a shortlist of colleges and visit them
    Visiting and meeting people will show you what a college is really like.
  5. Choose the one you are most comfortable with
    Checklists are necessary, but we think you should trust in your ‘informed instinct’.

If you get stuck ask us!