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Impact of Brexit on education UK

Amid the talk of the economy, immigration and sovereignty, the impact of Brexit on education UK hasn’t had much of a look in. CIFE Vice-Chair and Principal of CCSS in Cambridge, Stuart Nicholson, decided to put that right by seeking out the views of an expert. As

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50% of CIFE students get top university places

One of the best measures of a sixth-form college’s success is the quality of the universities its students join afterwards. To get into a top university course a student needs strong grades backed up by expert advice and effective help with application procedures. CIFE colleges do both

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Lord Lexden presents 39 CIFE Awards to top students

Article in summary The article describes the 2016 CIFE awards ceremony at the House of Lords, and lists the individual award winners. Article in detail At the annual CIFE Academic Awards Ceremony held at the House of Lords on Thursday, 7th  April, Lord Lexden presented thirty-nine awards

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One last retake for legacy A and GCSE exams

The exams retake problem As described in more detail in our article ‘The new A-level and GCSE exams‘ we’re in the midst of major changes to content and examining process for both GCSE and sixth-form students. As new exams are phased in, the ‘old’ ones are stopping

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Sir Anthony Seldon gives 2016 CIFE Lecture

Sir Anthony Seldon gave the Inaugural CIFE lecture on Monday 29th February 2016. Sir Anthony, Vice Chancellor of Buckingham University and former Master of Wellington College, is an effective champion of independent education, especially when it is accused of undermining state schools or dominating recruitment into high-flying

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