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All about A level Art

What’s A level Art about? A level Art allows you to develop an exciting and extensive range of creative and technical skills. You will also gain a strong understanding of historic and contemporary visual art practice, through supporting contextual studies. Unique to studying Art at A Level,

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All about A level Sociology

What’s A level Sociology about? Sociology is the study of society – how people interact in groups. A level Sociology examines social behaviour from a variety of perspectives: how it originates and then develops, and the ways people are organised into groups according to distinctions such as

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How to do research

How to research is aimed at pre-university students, to explain why reasearch skills are so important, and to explain how to reasearch effectively As you progress up the education ladder, the responsibility of learning will shift from your teacher to you. Perhaps you have already experienced this,

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How to make good notes

At College and university you will need to make good notes. This could be notes on some text you are reading, notes while listening to a lecture or notes during a class or seminar. Of course different subjects and different situations may require different approaches. This article

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Managing exam stress

This article on managing exam stress was written by Mario Di Clemente, Principal of CATS College London What’s the greatest problem you face with exams? Is it learning the subject, or is it the faceless examiner? No, your worst enemy is exam stress. It is stress that

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