One of the best measures of a sixth-form college's success is the quality of the universities its students join afterwards. To get into a top university course a student needs strong grades backed up by expert advice and effective help with application procedures. CIFE colleges do both very well indeed on both counts. Half of CIFE students got top university places in 2015

There are 160 institutions in the UK that can award degrees (see check-a-university-is-officially-recognised) but the most prestigious of the mainstream universities are the twenty four institutions which belong to the Russell Group. A degree from one of these universities gives graduates a real competitive edge.

In 2015, out of 1141 CIFE college students,  539 gained places at Russell Group universities, and 138 were accepted at other 'top tier' universities (Times top 30 etc).

To see how this compares with 2013 leavers look at our page on 2013 CIFE student destinations.

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The table shows the 20 universities accepting the most CIFE students in 2015. Russell group universities are shown in green.

University name No of CIFE students
King's College London 53
City London 52
University College London 51
Queen Mary London 49
Manchester 37
Exeter 34
Nottingham 34
Bristol 32
Westminster 27
Leeds 26
Sheffield 24
Warwick 23
Birmingham 22
Oxford Brookes 21
Sussex 20
Aston Birmingham 19
Edinburgh 18
Southampton 18
Imperial College London 17
Surrey 17