The Padworth College community were delighted to welcome Robin Fletcher, Chief Executive of BSA, for a visit on Thursday 12th September. Robin updated the Padworth team regarding training developments and best practice, enjoyed a tour of the boarding houses and following a wonderful lunch prepared by our talented chefs, Robin planted a beautiful apple tree in the grounds.

The BSA launched The Boarding Orchard in 2014, aiming to create the largest orchard, by distance, in the UK. Symbolising the school’s commitment to growth and the environment, the planting also reprensents the ‘tree of knowledge’. Many member schools have supported the initiative since its launch and more information about the scheme and school stories, can be found on the BSA website:

Padworth College also chose to use the tree planting to commemorate Matthew Baartman, a member of our boarding house team from 2017 to 2018, who tragically died age 30, in an accident last summer whilst on holiday. The tree was planted near the boys‘ boarding houses where it will be enjoyed by those who knew Matthew, including three boys who assisted Robin with the planting, Chaiwat (Thailand), Chinmay (India) and Emi (Mexico).

As a small tutorial style college for boys and girls age 13-18, Padworth College is grateful for the support of the Padworth Educational Trust whose Chair, Jonathan Rawes, was also in attendance to mark the occasion, along with valued neighbour and former trustee John Miller, as guests of Co-Proprietor Mark Jeynes.

Robin Fletcher gave positive feedback about the modern, single study room boarding accommodation at Padworth and the common room areas particularly.

The BSA’s new mission for the next five years is to ‘champion boarding excellence and provide support worldwide’ – Padworth College, which welcomes international students from over 30 countries to study alongside British students, is certainly proud to be a member of an organisation driving standards forward.