We’re proud to report that a CCSS student, Ciara Ward, has been honoured by CIFE for her outstanding contribution to life here at CCSS

Ciara-Ward-of-CCSS-with-Lord-LexdenA great pleasure to teach and to know, Ciara is an academically gifted student with an excellent attitude towards furthering her own learning. In the year that she studied at CCSS, Ciara quickly made her mark, impressing both her teachers and fellow students with her performance in mathematics and the sciences. Gaining high A* grades in all of her A-levels (many of them with 100%), Ciara could conceivably have gone on to study any one of the sciences at university, but after careful thought, she decided to follow her main passion, which is Mathematics, and she is now studying Mathematics at Oxford University, where she will no doubt also make her mark.