We’re delighted that Carfax student Yutaro Saito was honoured with a CIFE College Prize for outstanding contribution to college life.

Yutaro came to Carfax from Japan with very limited English but with a clear ambition, to find a way to pursue his nascent academic interest in two rather specific subject areas, the Sanskrit language and traditional Buddhist philosophy. Only one and a half years later, he left with a very creditable set of A level results and a place at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. It was not easy for him, adapting to an entirely new linguistic and academic environment, overcoming some difficult personal circumstances along the way, so it is to his great credit that he persevered and is now happily continuing along his chosen academic path.

Yutaro is pictured here with Carfax staff (Principal Rupert Alesbury on right)

CIFE prizewinner Yutaro Saito with Carfax Principal Rupert Alesbury