Five students from Bosworth Independent College were treated to a VIP visit to the House of Lords, guests of Lord Lexden, CIFE President.

Lord Lexden offered this visit as a generous prize to the winning team of the CIFE Challenge, similar to University Challenge, held on 27th February at The New College of the Humanities.


The five Bosworth students photographed are (from the left): Kelvin Choo, Olivia Orbih, (Lord Lexden), Son Olszewski, Pako Motsomi, Vaughn Gardner.

The visit took place on Budget Day, and on arrival in Westminster, the students first enjoyed watching the busy media teams on Abingdon Green as they interviewed politicians and commentators .  They then passed through strict security at the Peers’ Entrance and were greeted by Lord Lexden who gave a breath-taking tour of The Royal Gallery, the Princes’ Chamber and other rooms, resplendent with coats of arms and paintings illustrating scenes from history.  Then, furnished with their pass signed by Black Rod, they were shown to guest seats in the Peeresses West Gallery over-looking the House of Lords Chamber where Lord Lexden had already taken his seat.

After 30 minutes on questions and answers from government ministers, the House moved on to other business and Lord Lexden joined the Bosworth students again for tea in the Peers’ Dining Room. They enjoyed dainty sandwiches, fresh-baked scones with jam and clotted cream and then exquisite cakes.  Lady Perry, CIFE’s former President, kindly joined the Bosworth students, and with Lord Lexden enquired about their future plans and congratulated them on their CIFE Challenge success.  Later she wrote to Fiona Pocock, Principal at Bosworth Independent College, “It was lovely to meet your delightful students. They were all formidably bright and motivated – a real tribute to Bosworth.”