Bosworth Independent College were extremely honoured when Mr Hassan Shawky, Minister Plenipotentiary, Deputy Chief of Mission at the Egyptian Embassy joined us at the House of Commons for the CIFE Awards. We were delighted and surprised when the request came through from the Arab Republic of Egypt in the UK asking for the opportunity to represent Egypt at the event having heard that one of our Egyptian students Youssef Ahmed was to receive a CIFE Award for Science.

Youssef achieved 5 A* grades at A-level in the summer of 2015 in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Arabic. He was offered a place to study Biomedical Engineering at Imperial College but opted instead to make applications to universities in Europe to follow his true ambition to study Medicine. Whilst at Bosworth he took part in the British Biology Olympiad and received a Silver award and in the British Physics Olympiad he gained Bronze II. He was nominated at Bosworth College’s end of the year awards for all three categories of college prize: Academic Achievement, Academic Effort and Students’ Student of the Year. An extremely popular student!

Fiona Pocock, Principal, told us, “It was a great pleasure to meet Mr Shawky with our former student, Youssef, of whom we are so proud.  Youssef worked so very hard to achieve his outstanding results and is a truly remarkable young man.  It was lovely that he was awarded a CIFE Academic Award for Science. That Mr Shawky requested to attend the ceremony was a huge honour, not only for Youssef, me, and Bosworth Independent College but also for CIFE too.  I took the opportunity to formally extend our thanks to the Embassy for having taken an interest in this event and for having supported Youssef.”

Youssef told us, “The ceremony was wonderful. My parents and I really enjoyed it; it was truly fascinating. I was very proud of Mr Hassan Shawky’s presence. It felt wonderful to have the support of my country on this fantastic occasion.”


Youssef, Mr Shawky, Fiona Pocock and Youssef’s parents at the Awards Ceremony