Setting a new record for the college, Ashbourne’s students achieved 54% A/A* grades in their A level exams, with over 76% of A level exam results reaching B grade or above. Set against the tougher standard set by the A-level exam boards and the increased competition for places at Russell Group universities, these A level exam results are all the more remarkable. For example Ashbourne’s A level students have improve their performance from 46% A*/A grades in the previous year and are well above the national average achieved by A level students (25% A*/A and 50% A*/A/B grades).

We are very proud of our students’ achievement and acknowledge the primary importance of their effort. Without their ambition, determination and hard work our college would not be as successful as it is. There are some points to bear in mind:

  • Our students benefit from high expectations which are encouraged and nurtured by some very talented teachers.
  • Personal Tutors spend much of their time with students individually, first to ensure a really confident application to ucas and then to constantly monitor their progress throughout the year.
  • Small classes promote engagement which is further enhanced by extending the normal teaching time.
  • There is competition for places on our A2 course; students must reach at least C grade standard at AS before proceeding to A2. Morale is boosted because this cohort share similar ambitions.
  • Preparation for exams is paramount. Constant regular testing provides a vital benchmark for all.
  • Discipline is paramount. Personal Tutors insist on the highest standards.
  • Informality is paramount. College provides a good proving ground for independence and responsibility so that students may flourish when they arrive at university.
  • Student happiness is paramount; it is rare to find an unhappy student at Ashbourne.

A-Level exam results 2014 (263 exams)

Grade Percentage
A*, A 54%
B 22%
C 14%
D 5%
E 3%
U 1%