Our students at David Game College achieved outstanding results and have been accepted into some of the UK’s top universities!

We are extremely proud of our students for their dedication throughout the transition to online learning towards the end of the last year. We would like to thank you all, as partners, students and parents, for your calmness and support throughout this process.

Congratulations to all of our students who have received their results and are off to University this year.  We are still accepting applications for September 2021 and January 2022. Apply online today at: https://www.davidgamecollege.com/220/application-form

A level Results 2021

44% A*-A
71% A*-B
86% A*-C

Some confirmed offers for 2021 are as follows:

Student University Degree
Ria  University of Birmingham Psychology
Yihan  Bournemouth University Art Fashion
Enrui  University of Loughborough Physics
Solyana  Queen Mary University, London Medicine
Melek  University of Nottingham Criminology & Sociology
Emmeline  King’s College, London Neuroscience
Nikolay  Royal Holloway, London Computer Science
Labiba  King’s College, London Social Science
George  Queen Mary University, London Economics
Mulengu  Keele University Medicine
Soila  Oxford Brookes Economics, Politics & IR
Andrew  University of Warwick Biochemistry
Pu  University of Warwick Maths, Operational Research, Statistics
Henry  University of Exeter Law
Alisher  University of Greenwich Psychology
David  University of Manchester Maths
Grace   University of Arts London UAL (Camberwell) Art
Alexander  Durham University PPE
Ella  Durham University Psychology
Edward  University of Nottingham Chemistry
Jamie  University of Birmingham Geology
Daniel  University of Bath Pharmacy