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Four 2017 CIFE awards for CCSS students

We’re delighted to report that CCSS students received  four 2017 CIFE awards. Each year CIFE awards prizes to exceptional students. To win a prize does not just require top results, but winners have also made strong contributions to college life. The best of all the 38 CIFE award winners receives the CIFE Gold Award, and this year it was awarded to CCSS student Techin Tungcharernpaisarn.

Techin impressed all his teachers and his peers with his intelligence, his diligence and his attitude throughout his time at CCSS. He gained Gold awards in the Chemistry Olympiad in both years of his sixth form, and a Gold award in the Cambridge Chemistry challenge; a Gold certificate in the UK Senior Maths Challenge and a Merit in the Kangaroo round.  Taking A Levels in Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, Techin was rewarded with four A* grades and dropped only 26 out of a total of 2400 available marks. Inevitably many of his papers gained full marks and even those that were not quite perfect scores were not very far off!

Techin is now reading Materials Science at Oxford University, where his professor reports that Techin is already making his mark as a scholar of the highest calibre.

 Arin Wongprommoon won a CIFE award for Sciences. Arin’s tutor at CCSS describes him as “quite simply phenomenal”.  He dropped no marks in A Level Mathematics, and had 8 perfect scores on Biology and Chemistry modules as well.  Taking four A Levels in just one year, he achieved A* grades in them all.  In mathematics, he gained a gold award in the Maths Challenge and a merit in the Senior Kangaroo.  In the Chemistry Olympiad, sat by 6000 of the nation’s best chemistry students, Arin was in the top 50. Holding a King’s scholarship, a most prized accolade in Thailand, Arin has a stunning record of awards and achievements, and is an unquestionably exceptional student.  Not only is Arin a brilliant scientist, with a well-deserved place at Cambridge University, where he is currently reading Natural Sciences, specialising in Biology, but he is also a talented mathematician, and has an aptitude for languages.

Xinye Sha ( Bob) received an Andrew Osmond Maths award. Bob is a truly remarkable mathematician.  In the Maths Challenge, he was not only awarded Gold in both L6 and U6, but he scored full marks each time.  In the Maths Olympiad he received a Distinction both years too.  It takes a talented mathematician to get the top grade in STEP Paper One, and few students take Paper Two.  Bob got a distinction in Paper Two… and then in Paper Three as well.  He opted to take A Level Computing, because he wanted to study a subject whose linguistic demands he found significantly challenging, despite being warned that this decision might jeopardise his chance of achieving a place at Cambridge.

At Cambridge University he is now studying mathematics, having gained A* grades in Maths, Further Maths and Physics, and a B grade in Computing.

Edoardo Buttinelli received a CIFE College Award for his outstanding contribution to life at CCSS. Edoardo was a boy on a mission in his A Level  years to pursue his own academic enthusiasms in media communications, and promote aesthetic and cultural awareness among his peer group at CCSS and beyond, generating instructive debates on ideas across subject boundaries. His contribution was distinctive and impressive; he organised an exhibition of his work, won a Tutor Commendation for outstanding commitment, and Departmental Awards for Economics, Graphic Design, Film and Media Studies.  He chaired the Student Council, ran a Film Club, and organised the college May Ball whilst gaining A grades in Italian, Film, Graphic Design and Media, and a strong AS grade in Economics.

Edoardo possesses a remarkable ability to energise his fellow students – and staff too. Demonstrating extraordinary levels of maturity, wit and grace, he is an articulate and urbane thinker, who will contribute significantly to the creative industries which we are sure he will lead.

The four students are pictured below relaxing after the Awards ceremony with CCSS Principal Stuart Nicholson. From left to right: Stuart, Arin, Edoardo, Bob and Techin.

CCSS award winners with Stuart Nicholson

CCSS student wins 2016 CIFE Award

We’re proud to report that a CCSS student, Ciara Ward, has been honoured by CIFE for her outstanding contribution to life here at CCSS

Ciara-Ward-of-CCSS-with-Lord-LexdenA great pleasure to teach and to know, Ciara is an academically gifted student with an excellent attitude towards furthering her own learning. In the year that she studied at CCSS, Ciara quickly made her mark, impressing both her teachers and fellow students with her performance in mathematics and the sciences. Gaining high A* grades in all of her A-levels (many of them with 100%), Ciara could conceivably have gone on to study any one of the sciences at university, but after careful thought, she decided to follow her main passion, which is Mathematics, and she is now studying Mathematics at Oxford University, where she will no doubt also make her mark.

CCSS student wins CIFE Award

CCSS' Ellie Peters with Stuart NicholsonWe were delighted that Ellie Peters won a CIFE College prize this year. The picture shows her with Principal Stuart Nicholson on the terrace of the House of Lords where the annual CIFE awards ceremony took place.

Ellie joined CCSS in 2013 and quickly demonstrated that she had a fine and enquiring mind in addition to a refreshingly enthusiastic approach to her work. She went on to achieve A*AA grades in Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics to secure her place at Durham. In her first year she gained a Tutor commendation, a Silver Award in the Maths Challenge and won a Paul Redhead Prize for academic achievement. She was also instrumental in organising visits to lectures at the Institute of Astronomy in Cambridge where she pursued her interest in astrophysics. At the end of her first year she was awarded a place on the Headstart summer programme studying Maths at Royal Holloway and also gained a place at The Physics Academy.

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