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Easter Revision courses at CIFE colleges

Most CIFE colleges offer Easter revision courses for GCSE and sixth-form students.

Here's an article about getting Easter Revision right and how a course at a good college can help. CIFE colleges are the major providers of these intensive and specialised courses, helping  thousands of students every year. Given the great range of sixth-form programmes available it's not possible to offer Easter revison courses in everything so colleges specialise in offering specific subjects and syllabuses. Our page on Easter Revision course comparison looks at differences between CIFE colleges' courses. It's updated each January.

Check our advice page for articles about how to revise effectively.

How can an Easter Revision course help?

For good results in summer exams you must revise during the Easter break, but sticking to your own revision during a holiday isn't easy. An Easter Revision course is an effective way to kick-start the whole process. It provides you with structure, revision, exam practice and support in one concentrated package. Easter Revision courses can make a major difference to your exam results.

What happens in an Easter revision course?

Intensive work in a small group, led by an expert teacher, covers a surprising amount of material in a short time. Lots of exam question practice, and accurate feedback on what examiners want will build your expertise and confidence. This gets the revision process firmly under way and gives you a real feeling of progress. Good revision over Easter makes the summer term more productive and less stressful.

Why choose a CIFE college for Easter Revision?

CIFE colleges teach a lot of short exam-focused courses, so their teachers are experienced and very effective in this sort of intensive work.

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