Following the situation with the A level and GCSE results this summer, many of you may be wondering whether it is worth considering retaking A Levels in the Autumn term or next year. The answer is YES!

The government’s u-turn on results has been depicted as a “fiasco” by the news, and Heads, Principals and professionals in the education sector have been up in arms about this. Why? Simply because the teachers’ Centre Assessed Grades (referred to as CAGs) was the best measure of student achievement in the first place.

CAGs were a product of a thorough, rigorous and accurate process based on actual assessments that student had taken during a 2-year period. There is no question therefore that the results that students were eventually awarded were the most accurate, borne from a professional process.

However, some of you may still feel that sitting an exam could have given you a chance to perform above and beyond the level you achieved in assessments during your time at school. Then, the retake of exams is absolutely the right thing for you. A Levels and GCSEs have not, and should not, be tainted by the extra-ordinary situation we found ourselves in. Indeed, the qualifications are still world class, challenging and rewarding in equal measures. If you find yourself wanting to retake and to achieve the best result you possibly can, any of the CIFE schools and colleges are best placed to support you in this endeavour.

Wishing you the best of luck for the future.


This article was written by CATS College Canterbury