We are pleased to announce that 2 Ashers, Jamie G and Dean Z, have won prizes in the annual Cife awards contest. Jamie was one of 3 winners of a Science award and Dean similarly for Mathematics.

Cife (The Council for Independent Education) is an association of about 20 private colleges (MPW, DLD etc) which are similar to Ashbourne.

To give you an idea of the competition, the average mark (UMS weighted) of the three Maths award winners was 96% . Of course all their grades were all A*s!

All in all, there were 88 candidates for awards with the lowest grades at AAAB or thereabouts. There are 20 winners in the following categories: Art (1), Economics (1), University Foundation (1), GCSE (1), Humanities (4), Maths (3), Science (3), Social Science (2), Value Added (2), Gold Award (for the best candidate overall) (1), Baroness Perry (1).

In general Cife colleges distinguish themselves academically, with nearly 50% of its graduates proceeding to Russell Group universities. Last year there were 12 Oxbridge entrants from Cife colleges of whom 4 were from Ashbourne! They were:

  • Chelsea A-A, Law
  • Jamie G, Engineering
  • Deli L, Mathematics
  • Dean Z, Mathematics.

Overall, 53% of Asbhourne graduates proceeding to university (some having taken a gap year) registered with Russell Group universities with 17% winning places at Cambridge, Imperial, LSE, Oxford or LSE.