We were delighted to see Julio Revilla receive a 2017 CIFE Award for his exceptional contribution during his time at Oxford International College. He received the award from CIFE President Lord Lexden at a ceremony in the House of Lords this April.

Julio Revilla receives a 2017 CIFE AwardJulio was unanimously chosen for this award – not only for his outstanding A level results of A*A*A, but for the manner in which he conducted himself throughout the two years, his personal development and his inspirational attitude. Wise beyond his years, Julio is a rare individual with the maturity to tackle a problem from many angles simultaneously. His passion for biochemistry was enough to light up a classroom, and students like Julio, whose flames we can ignite, are the reason many of us teach. Julio successfully balanced a demanding schedule, a self-imposed revision timetable and an incredible amount of personal development. Always smiling, always warm, and incredibly humble in his success, Julio showed us all how to win at life.