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DLD student receives 2017 CIFE Award

We are delighted to report that Karabo Sankoloba received a 2017 CIFE Award this April for his exceptional contribution to life at DLD. He received the award from CIFE President Lord Lexden at a ceremony in the House of Lords.

DLD student Karabo receives award from Lord LexdenKarabo gained GCSE results which placed him in the top ten candidates in Botswana and a well-deserved scholarship brought him to study in the UK at DLD. Karabo proved to be an exceptional student in all his subjects and a great asset to the DLD community, a real breath of fresh air.

With a remarkable track record of 100% in five Maths modules in Year 12, Karabo has all the hallmarks of an outstanding mathematician. His A level grades of A* in Maths, Further Maths and Physics, and grade A in both Chemistry and Economics fully illustrate his academic ability and huge potential.

Karabo managed his academic commitments whilst making a generous contribution to college life. He had a great sense of fun, employing his musical ability in the ukulele and vocal groups, and all college functions. His well-developed people skills made him a clear choice for student ambassador and a popular College Valedictorian.



Three DLD students win 2016 CIFE Prizes

Each year CIFE awards prizes to the 30 or so very best students from its member colleges, and we’re delighted that DLD students have won three of them in 2016! Students collected their prizes from CIFE President Lord Lexden at the awards ceremony in the House of Lords

DLD-College-student-Gaia-Racca-with-Lord-LexdenGaia Racca was awarded a CIFE Prize for Economics. She is an exceptionally able student. Multilingual in Italian, English, French and Spanish, she came from Italy to study at DLD for one term, but stayed for the complete two year programme.  She brought with her a European perspective, and an impressive willingness to challenge assumptions.

In Economics, Gaia supported her studies by following economic events in the media, resulting in an awareness of conflicting viewpoints and the complexity of issues.  Her knowledge of the changes taking place in the international monetary system and their implications for world order enriched her study of A level Politics. This led to a real aptitude for Business where she attained 96.8%. Gaia achieved A*A*A* in Business, Government & Politics and Economics. She is now studying International Relations at King’s College London.

Alexandra Reid received the CIFE Prize for Social Sciences.

DLD-student-Alexandra-Reid-receives-CIFE-PrizeAlexandra is a perfect example of self-discipline, focus and perseverance in the face of obstacles, and made excellent progress throughout her time at DLD. Additionally, she was a very supportive and successful mentor for a younger student with learning difficulties and language issues.  Alexandra’s marked talent in essay-writing stood her in good stead in her A level subjects, whilst her excellent contributions to class discussions were highly valued. Her performance in A level Politics is especially note-worthy where she achieved 398 out of 400 possible marks across her four modules. Taking A level Religious Studies in just one year, she narrowly missed an A*.

Having secured A*AAA in Politics, History, Religious Studies and English Literature, Alexandra is now at King’s College, London studying Economics.

Evelina Polyakov won a CIFE college award for her outstanding contribution to life at DLD.

DLD-student-Evelina-Polyakov-receives-CIFE-PrizeEvelina was DLD’s top performing student in 2015, with grades of A*A*A*A*A in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Biology. Evelina was a remarkable student, with a genuine love of science.  Insatiably curious, insisting on understanding concepts at a deep level rather than merely accepting taught facts, she showed interest in many topics beyond the scope of her courses.  Her overall UMS was 97.8% for Physics! Evelina threw herself into College life, a stalwart of the Maths Club and a memorable cast member of the DLD Christmas production. She loved to help other students and coach them when they needed an extra hand.

Evelina has impressed us all with her determination to achieve her goals and will read Natural Science at Murray Edwards College, Cambridge next year.

Four 2015 CIFE Prizes for DLD students

Four DLD students received CIFE Prizes from CIFE President Lord Lexden at a recent awards ceremony in the House of Lords.

Yiqin Wang received an Andrew Osmond Maths award. Yiqin came to DLD in September 2012 to commence A level studies in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Economics to prepare for university application. Although she was a year younger than her peers, and keen to develop her language skills, Yiqin chose to study a full complement of four subjects in order to have the broad scope of studies expected of a UK sixth former. Her ability, intelligence, industry and rapid development saw her achieve quite stunning results extremely quickly, in addition to a range of extracurricular academic projects in which she excelled. She well-deserves her place at University College, Oxford and she is truly a phenomenal mathematician.

Charlotte Neve received an award for Humanities and English.Charlotte came to DLD in 2010 seeking a more independent learning structure and collegiate ethos to do her GCSEs. She gained excellent GCSE results, and her A level choices reflected her high achievement in humanities and sciences. English and History emerged as providing the intellectual stimulation she wanted to pursue at university. Charlotte showed initiative and ability in her academic work and in extra-curricular academic pursuits such as mentoring students with special educational needs. Charlotte completed her A levels in 2013 and during a gap year, she studied French A level at the college, pursued an independent course of reading and study, and participated in a number of volunteering and work-placements. Charlotte’s combination of meticulous scholarship and intellectual insight suggests considerable academic ability in literature. She more than deserves her place to study English Language and Literature at New College, Oxford.

Anna at the House of LordsAnna Isabelle Villafuerte (pictured right) received the CIFE award for Visual and Creative Arts. Anna joined DLD in 2012 from her home in the Philippines to enjoy an English education with the intention of moving on to a British university. As a photographer, she clearly has an intelligent approach to the visual world. As a creative writer, Anna has great flair and originality: she produced an excellent portfolio that demonstrated imaginative ambition, stylistic control and superb sense of narrative structure. Anna is a very thorough and resourceful student who is determined to succeed. She is now reading Media Studies and Sociology at City University, London.

Anna was an extremely mature, highly motivated student who thrived at A level. She strengthened and enhanced her official studies with a range of extra-curricular related activities that displayed exceptional energy and determination, spending much of her free time involved in professional and cultural activities related to her studies.

Kabeelan with Lord LexdenAnd finally, Kabeelan Rajamurthy received a CIFE College Award for his outstanding contribution to life at DLD. Kabeelan joined DLD in 2013 to study an 18 month A level programme. He achieved four full A levels in Mathematics (A*), Further Mathematics (A*), Physics (A) and Economics (A). He was very keen to extend his wider skills during his studies at the college. In line with this he also successfully completed the Extra Project Qualification (EPQ), achieving A*. Kabeelan proved himself to be a mature and very focussed student with an extremely high level of commitment. He was disciplined, motivated and keen to make the most of his time. He showed independence of thought and inspirational levels of enthusiasm. He was a courteous and charming young man who was popular with his classmates and highly regarded by his teachers. He is now studying Mathematics at University College London where he is sure to thrive. The picture shows Kabeelan receiving his award from CIFE President Lord Lexden.

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Warm Welcome

“DLD is an awesome college, it is one of the best in London. I found it surprisingly easy to settle into college life as everyone is friendly, supportive and easy to approach.” Karabo Sankoloba current DLD student.


DLD College London is the oldest and one of the most prestigious colleges in the UK, which, since its foundation in 1931 has built a strong academic reputation among students, parents, schools and universities. DLD operates from a brand new, purpose built campus in the centre of London, overlooking the River Thames to the Houses of Parliament. With bright, state of the art teaching facilities, and safe, on-site boarding facilities for our students, all in the centre of the amazing, historic and vibrant city of London.

DLD College London is a unique college campus with facilities including:

  • 55 classrooms – 60 touch screens.
  • 70 seat theatre with state of the art LED lighting . The theatre is also equipped with a cinema screen and surround sound.
  • Two 1st floor music rooms fully equipped with the latest iMacs and software, a studio complex in the basement with three rooms. The music technology lab comprises state of the art iMac computers with the latest versions of Logic and Sibelius software on them, In addition we have three practice rooms equipped with a top end acoustic and digital pianos as well as a drum kit.
  • Three art studios, graphic suite and a photography studio and classrooms.
  • Separate laboratories for Biology, Chemistry and Physics equipped with interactive touch screens.
  • Four dedicated learning zones with quiet booths and water fountains.
  • Learning centre equipped with state of the art technology.
  • Under 16’s Study areas equipped with computers (supervised) and open space learning.
  • 5 private tuition rooms for one on one learning.
  • The Refectory provides a multifunctional space for eating , studying and socialising, and has a mixture of long bench style tables and booths. In addition, students also have access to a Starbucks Café from 8am.
  • Atrium with film projectors and surround sound.
  • Gallery with seating for student group work.
  • College nurse with onsite medical facilities.

Students under the age of 16 can access a dedicated terrace on the third floor of the College. All students can benefit from an enclosed, safe and secure landscaped garden area just outside the College.

Special Place

“The College was very accommodating and I found it easy to settle in. Subjects were tailored and personalised to suit each student’s needs. The best thing about DLD was the relaxed and laidback environment. You are taught to use your own initiative and work independently which helped me to prepare for university.” Anna Shimwell graduated in 2015.

DLD differs from conventional schools in a number of important respects. Students do not wear uniform and are on first-name terms with their tutors. We believe that students are never so likely to really benefit from the efforts of their tutors as when they feel that they are part of a community, and that the best way to achieve this is to create an atmosphere of mutual respect. In other words, our policy is to treat students as young adults.


High Level of Pastoral Care

“DLD has exceptional pastoral care and a strong desire to help students achieve academically. The staff here are kind, hardworking and will try to assist you wherever possible.” Keletso Mightly Lebitla current DLD student.

We have a strong pastoral system. There is a lot of respect because students know we care about them. A register is taken in every lesson and parents are kept in close touch by text or email. Each student has a weekly meeting with their personal tutor to talk about progress and future plans and the College has five directors of studies working closely with the personal tutors.


DLD College provides rooms for our students in our private boarding house located directly above our college premises. The boarding house contains 15 floors, divided by gender, with over 200 rooms. Each room provides the student with a bed, study space, storage, and a washroom. A small number of twin rooms allow two students to share a room and wash room whilst still providing each student with their own bed, study space, and storage. Boarders take meals with staff in the college Refectory; breakfast, lunch, and dinner are prepared and served every day and students also have access to a Starbucks Café where they can buy hot drinks and snacks.

Common rooms are located on each floor of the boarding house for the use of boarders on that floor. Common rooms contain a kitchenette where boarders can store and prepare their own drinks and snacks, comfortable seating, and a large table and chairs for group studying. Boarders are supervised by our team of live-in Houseparents, Houseparents provide support to boarders, oversee the running of the laundry and cleaning services, and liaise with college staff and the nurse to ensure the health and well being of the boarders.

Enrichment Programme

ice-breaker-at-DLD-CollegeWe offer an extensive range of extra-curricular activities, which include many traditional options such as Sport, Music, Drama and Art. Our wide enrichment programme supports our academic curriculum and forms an integral part of the wider education and college experience we offer our students. Our vision is to create all-rounded students, who excel academically and develop further their emotional, inter-personal and social skills.

All students are encouraged to participate in one or more of our range of extra-curricular activities. This participation is important for students both as an opportunity for recreation and as an effective way to improve the quality of their UCAS personal statement and CV in the future.

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For further information or to arrange a visit to the college, please contact the Registrar, Clare Metcalfe, on 0207 935 8411.

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